Trinity Psalter Hymnal Mobile App

The highly-anticipated Trinity Psalter Hymnal mobile app is now available on the Apple iOS platform*. The app has been professionally developed and designed for ease of use and seamless functionality for both iPad and iPhone devices. 

Intended as a supplement to the print and digital editions of the Trinity Psalter Hymnal, the Trinity Psalter Hymnal app features the full text and music of the songbook, as well as professional and high-quality piano tune recordings. Some key features of the app include searchable full text, browsable title and first line index, bookmarking of songs, and looping of a tune for the number of stanzas in each song. The mobile app is a great resource for planning worship, learning new songs, and singing along in family devotions.

The iOS app is available for purchase and download now for a one-time price of $9.99USD. Future app releases are included in purchase. Future app upgrades and features are being developed to include more robust Scripture and tune indexes akin to those in the print editions, and possibly the creeds and confessions found in the print editions.

To purchase the app, search for Trinity Psalter Hymnal on the Apple App Store or see for more information. See app details in the App Store for device and software compatibility, and copyright restrictions. By purchasing and downloading digital editions of the Trinity Psalter Hymnal, the purchaser agrees to the TPH Digital End User Agreement. At this time, the app is only available for purchase in the United States and Canada.

*An Android operating system mobile app is still under development to be released later in 2021.