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Classis Pacific Northwest

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 Report of the March 2022 Meeting of Classis Pacific Northwest 

Tuesday, March 22

The twenty-sixth meeting of Classis Pacific Northwest convened at 1:00pm in the sanctuary of Grace URC in Kennewick, WA. Rev. Craig Davis opened the meeting with devotions and invited the delegates and those gathered to rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness in many areas to the Grace URC congregation over their 25 years together this month. 

The classis welcomed three churches who sent representatives as guests: New Hope CRC in Spokane, WA, Ripon CRC in Ripon, CA, and Redeemer URC in Anchorage, AK. After the opening matters, the body took up the Colloquium Doctum of Rev. Stephen Lauer (credentials are held in the OPC) as requested by the Burlington URC. Rev. Lauer, by God’s grace, unanimously sustained all portions of the examination and was declared eligible to be called by Burlington URC, as a Minister of the Word and Sacraments among the United Reformed Churches in North America. 

Prior to ending the first session, the body heard statements from appellants and their Consistory concerning three Appeals before the classis. This allowed the brothers to continue to think and pray about these weighty matters over the evening. The delegates and guests were served a delicious meal by the congregation of Grace URC. Rumor has it that a delegate even ate all his brussel sprouts for the first time in his life! Rev. and Mrs. Davis opened their home for a time of fellowship which many took advantage of. 

Wednesday, March 23

The chairman opened the meeting promptly at 8:00am and after our morning prayer and devotions the body took up the request of the Lynden URC to provisionally accept Redeemer URC in Anchorage, AK into the federation which was heartily approved by the classis. A deacon from the congregation was present to give greetings and thanks from that congregation. 

The remainder of the morning and into the late afternoon the body weighed the appeals brought before the classis. The brothers grieved over the situation that a sister church and her members have been and are presently enduring and we pray that our decisions will be used by the Spirit to begin the process of reconciliation and healing for all parties involved. 

The classis heard reports from its various representatives, functionaries, and committees before finalizing the adjudication of the second appeal that remained before the body. Classis throughout the close of the afternoon gave advice to a number of churches concerning discipline matters and the care of the sheep before closing devotions and adjournment shortly after 7:00pm. 

Despite the long day and the solemn work done, we pray the Lord was glorified through our work. We had the ability to “rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn” as we are all members of the one body of Christ. Soli Deo Gloria 

Classis Pacific Northwest
Stated Clerk: Rev. Quentin Falkena  760 Annalee Dr. Central Point, OR 97502; (541) 613-7923 (cell)
Classis Treasurer: Mr. Jake Sonke 419 Orange Ave., Ripon, CA 95366; (209) 409-2950 (cell)


Churches in the Classis
Redeemer URC (Anchorage, AK)
Grace Church (Portland, OR)
Anchor of Hope Church (Silverdale, WA)
Updated: March 2022