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Classis Michigan


The 66th Meeting of Classis Michigan

Convening at Trinity United Reformed Church of Caledonia, Michigan

Tuesday, 10 October AD 2023, at 9 a.m.


  1. Opening Devotions – By Member of Convening Consistory serving as Chairman Pro Tem.


  1. Presentation of the Credentials and Roll Call of the Delegates.


  1. Signing of the Form of Subscription by first-time Delegates.


  1. Declaration that Classis is Duly Constituted. Rev. Matthew Nuiver (Faith URC, Holland) assumes the Chair. Rev. Phil Vos (Cornerstone URC, Hudsonville) serves as Vice-Chairman.


  1. Welcome of Visitors.


  1. Adoption of Time Schedule: 15-minute breaks at 10:30 a.m., 3:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m. One-hour breaks at Noon and 5:30 p.m.


  1. Appointment of Committee to Examine the Credentials of Delegates.


  1. Reports:
  1. Interim Committee – the Trinity URC Consistory.
  2. Stated Clerk.
  3. Treasurer.
  4. Church Visitors.
  5. Classis Michigan Missions and Church Plant Committee (CMMCPC).
  6. URCNA Foreign Missions Committee.
  7. URCNA Home Missions Committee.
  8. Committee for Ecumenical Relations and Church Unity (CERCU).
  9. Committee for Ecumenical Contact with Churches Abroad (CECCA).
  10. Website Oversight Committee (WOC).
  11. Fraternal Observer and Fraternal Delegate reports.
  12. Reports on other ecumenical activities by the churches.


  1. Church Reports.
  1. Bethany URC of Wyoming
  2. Grace URC of Alto
  3. Covenant URC of Byron Center


10. Fraternal Greetings.


11. Elections & Appointments:

  1. Committee for Ecumenical Contact with Churches Abroad.
    Both Rev. Jason Tuinstra (delegate) and Rev. Phil Vos (alternate) have completed four terms, and both are eligible for reappointment.
  2. Classis Michigan Missions and Church Plant Committee.
    At least two members for three-year terms, no term limits. Mr. Peter Hoekema has completed one term of service and is eligible for re-appointment. Rev. Sacha Walicord has departed from the federation. One other vacancy exists on the board.
    (Criteria for nomination to CMMCPC specified in Classis Michigan Rules of Procedure, section IV.B.3.1.a. See also Supplement 1 to the Rules of Procedure.)
  3. Synodical Missions Committees.
    With the division of the SMC into two committees, a determination needs to be made of which committee our alternate is serving, and a second alternate should be named.
  4. Determination of Treasurer’s Remuneration.
    (According to Rules of Procedure III.D.13, this is to be set at the second regular meeting of each odd-numbered year. Currently set at $1,800/year.)


12. Credentials Committee Report.


13. Next Meeting:

  1. Date for Next Meeting. (Rules of Procedure I.B., “Classis shall ordinarily convene at least twice annually at a time and place determined by the previous classis.”) Note that the agenda deadline for Synod 2024 is March 25, 2024.
  2. Place – Sovereign Grace URC of Comstock Park is next in rotation to convene and host classis.


14. Closing Matters:

  1. Concept Minutes.
  2. Thanks to Host Church.
  3. Prayer by Vice-Chairman and Adjournment.