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Classis Michigan

Report on the meeting of Classis Michigan of the URCNA

Convening at the Covenant United Reformed Church building in Kalamazoo, Michigan
October 12, 2021


Delegates to the 59th meeting of Classis Michigan arrived at the building of the Covenant United Reformed Church in Kalamazoo and were greeted with Christian fellowship and a brief agenda. Classis Michigan convened at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 12, and concluded just before lunch.

Two overtures were considered by the Classis. The first overture transferred $10,000 from the Classis General Fund to the Classis Church Plant Fund in order to more readily support new church plants. The second overture sought to expand the mandate of the Classis Michigan Missions and Church Plant Committee. While the idea received support, the overture was tabled indefinitely to allow for refinement of the wording.

Numerous reports were received from church visitors, Classis churches, Classis functionaries, and committee representatives. These reports recount various aspects of the Lord’s work in our midst. Rev. Alan Flowers brought fraternal greetings on behalf of the Presbytery of Michigan and Ontario of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Classis took up the request from the Covenant URC to give concurring advice to depose their minister for the sin of faithless desertion of office. In addition to deliberating on the matter, the delegates spent some time reflecting on matters related to pastoral care of pastors in the Classis. Concurring advice was given, and prayer was offered for the minister, his family, and the Covenant URC congregation.

Several 3-year appointments were made: Rev. Doug Barnes, Stated Clerk of Classis; Rev. Matt Nuiver and Rev. Sacha Walicord, Classis Michigan Missions and Church Plant Committee; Mr. Paul Wagenmaker and Rev. Casey Freswick, Synodical Missions Committee representatives, with Mr. Gary Veldink as alternate; Rev. Talman Wagenmaker, Website Oversight Committee representative; and Mr. Steve Tjapkes, Appeals Committee representative.

The next meeting of Classis Michigan is scheduled to convene March 8, 2022, the Lord willing. The Consistory of the Immanuel Fellowship Church in Kalamazoo will serve as the convening and hosting Consistory.

Classis wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the members of the Covenant URC for their gracious hospitality, to the Covenant URC Consistory for its work in convening this meeting, and to Rev. Doug Barnes and Rev. Jeph Nobel for their excellent service as chairman and vice-chairman, respectively.

This report was composed by the acting Stated Clerk, Rev. Talman Wagenmaker.
For further information, please contact the newly appointed Stated Clerk Rev. Doug Barnes
(Pastor of the Grace URC in Alto, Michigan) via e-mail at ClassisMichigan(at)gmail.com

Churches of Classis Michigan

Grace United Reformed Church - Alto
Covenant United Reformed Church - Byron Center
Trinity United Reformed Church - Caledonia
Dutton United Reformed Church - Dutton
Eastmanville United Reformed Church - Eastmanville
Sovereign Grace United Reformed Church - Grand Rapids
Walker United Reformed Church - Grand Rapids
Faith United Reformed Church - Holland
Cornerstone United Reformed Church - Hudsonville
Bethel United Reformed Church - Jenison
Covenant United Reformed Church - Kalamazoo
Immanuel Fellowship United Reformed Church - Kalamazoo
Bethany United Reformed Church - Wyoming

Stated Clerk: Rev. Doug Barnes