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New Churches Enter Here

Fill out the form below and click the Continue button at the bottom.

Registration process for administrative representatives of new churches in the URCNA.

This is not for individual membership, nor is membership required for use of the website.

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Additional Questions:

1. "Last Name" at the top of this page MUST be your CHURCH'S name;  in the field labeled "First Name" enter your Pastor's ENTIRE name and full phone number [e.g. Spurgeon, Rev. Charles H. (123) 456-7890].  These are NOT automatically updated even if the other forms are edited -- remember to update this page as well.
2.  Use the forms which appear at the top of the page to update your Directory, Statistics, and other Information.  Information entered into these forms is placed immediately (after clicking "Submit") into the Directory.  These forms are used by different parts of the Directory, so some items may be required in multiple forms.

Please use this page and the forms above to update the relevant information.  Please confirm and, if necessary, update all statistics or insert a '0' where appropriate.  To REMOVE a listing in any of the forms email the webmaster with the details.