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Classis Western Canada

Each URCNA Classis has a page on the URCNA website which may include Classis news, Reports, etc. and can be viewed by selecting the appropriate link under the "Classes" selection above. Each Classis page is maintained by the Clerk of that Classis, who should be contacted to request updates, changes, or further information.

Stated Clerk: Rev. Jason Vander Horst

Churches of Classis:

Immanuel Covenant Reformed Church in Abbotsford (vacant) abbotsfordurc.org 

Bethel United Reformed Church in Calgary (Rev. Keith Davis) bethelurc.com

Cornerstone United Reformed Church of Edmonton (Rev. Bill Pols) cornerstoneurcedmonton.com

Covenant Reformed Church in Grande Prairie (vacant) grandeprairieurc.org

Grace Reformed Church in Kelowna (Rev. James Roosma) gracereformedkelowna.com

Redeemer United Reformed Church in Lacombe (Rev. Robert Vander Woerd) redeemer-urc.org

Grace Reformed Church of Leduc (Rev. Tad Groenendyk) graceleduc.org

Trinity Reformed Church in Lethbridge (Rev. John van Eyk) trinityurc.ca

Emmanuel Reformed Church in Neerlandia (Rev. Barry Beukema) emmanuelurc.org

New Westminster United Reformed Church (Rev. Gary Zekveld) newwesturc.ca

Parkland United Reformed Church in Ponoka (vacant) parklandurc.org

Redeemer Reformation Church in Regina (Rev. Brian Cochran) redeemerchurch.ca

Bethel United Reformed Church of Smithers (Rev. Simon Lievaart) bethelsmithers.ca

Surrey Covenant Reformed Church (Rev. Jason Vander Horst) surreycovenantreformed.com

Faith Reformed Church of Telkwa (Rev. Kelvin Tiemstra) telkwafaithurc.com

United Reformed Church of Thunder Bay (Rev. John Ysinga) thunderbayurc.com

Providence Reformed Church of Winnipeg (Rev. Rich Anjema) providencereformed.net