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The URCNA ordinarily meets at least every three years for our synodical meeting (Synod). This meeting is convened by the Consistory of one of our churches, chosen by vote at the prior Synod meeting from among those offering to do so, and usually alternates between regions, countries (the United States and Canada) and Classes.

At the date and location set by the Convening Consistory, two elders from each URCNA church, delegated by their own Consistories, gather for deliberations regarding issues of concern to all the churches of the Federation, working from an Agenda prepared well in advance by the Stated Clerk. A meeting of Synod typically entails a full week.

You can learn more about URCNA Synods through numerous resources on the URCNA website; you may find the search box above helpful.

Our next Synod will be convened by the Consistory of the Escondido United Reformed Church of Escondido, California, and is scheduled for June 17-21, 2024.