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Classis Pacific Northwest

Each URCNA Classis has a page on the URCNA website which may include Classis news, Reports, etc. and can be viewed by selecting the appropriate link under the "Classes" selection above. Each Classis page is maintained by the Clerk of that Classis, who should be contacted to request updates, changes, or further information.


The next meeting of Classis PNW is scheduled for September 19, 2023 at Cornerstone Christian Church in Medford, OR

Classis Pacific Northwest
Stated Clerk: Rev. Quentin Falkena  760 Annalee Dr. Central Point, OR 97502; (541) 613-7923 (cell)
Classis Treasurer: Mr. Jake Sonke 419 Orange Ave., Ripon, CA 95366; (209) 409-2950 (cell)


Churches in the Classis
Redeemer URC (Anchorage, AK)
Grace Church (Portland, OR)
Anchor of Hope Church (Silverdale, WA)
Updated: March 2022