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Classis Southwest U.S.

Next Meeting of Classis SWUS: March 15, 2016 to be convened by the Calvary United Reformed Church of Littleton, CO at the Escondido URC, Escondido, CA.


620 McLain Street
Escondido, CA 92027
(760) 580-0999

Churches of the Classis
Colorado Springs, CO (organizing)
Lihue, HI (disbanded)

Report of the 35th Meeting of Classis SWUS

September 15-16, 2015


In a rare occurrence for Southern California, especially in September, the beginning of the 35th meeting of Classis Southwest U.S. was delayed by 30 minutes due to heavy rains and flooding tying up suddenly nervous drivers in the Los Angeles Basin.  By God’s grace the delegates did eventually arrive in sufficient numbers for classis to convene.  This classis was convened by the CoramDeo Reformation Church of Loveland, Colorado being graciously hosted at the facilities of First URC of Chino, California.


On the docket for the delegates of this classis were four examinations, three candidacy exams and one colloquium doctum, along with the normal business of classis.  The work of classis concerning its examinations began with the colloquium doctum examination of Rev. Tony Phelps as requested by the Coram Deo Reformation Church.  Rev. Phelps is a minister in the PCA and currently serving at the Covenant URC church plant in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The delegates were encouraged hearing from Rev. Phelps and declared him eligible to be called as a minister in the URCNA by the CoramDeo Consistory. 


The afternoon session was filled with a candidacy examination of Mr. Jeffrey Munive requested by First URC in Chino, CA.  Before a late dinner the classis determined that Mr. Munive sustained his examination and is eligible to be declared a candidate for the ministry in the URCNA.  The delegates enjoyed a great, albeit abbreviated, dinner before moving into executive session to give advice to four churches concerning discipline and other matters.  The evening session ended shortly before 10:00 PM and a few of the delegates fought back heavy eyes to enjoy fellowship hosted by Rev. Quenten Falkena at his home across the parking lot.


The second day began without the Lord sending rain upon the just and unjust, but that doesn’t mean that classis wasn’t disturbed in some manner by the stellar drivers in the area.  While waiting for a few more elders to arrive the delegates heard reports from Classical and Synodical committee members.  The chairman of the classical committee to study Eastern Orthodoxy presented his report stating to the delegates that the committee was unable to finish their work by this classis as anticipated.  This was primarily due to a new polemical book that was just published by an Eastern Orthodox priest which the committee wanted to interact with in its report.  They are also getting input from a professor doing work in this area that the committee feels would be helpful for the churches. 


The second candidacy examination of this classis put Mr. Daniel Ventura from Christ URC (Santee, CA) on the hot seat.  Mr. Ventura unanimously sustained all portions of his examination and is eligible to be declared a candidate for the ministry in the URCNA. 


After a brief lunch, classis took up its final large item of business in the final candidacy examination being that of Mr. Taylor Kern from Ontario URC, Ontario, CA.  Mr. Kern also unanimously sustained his examination and is eligible to be declared a candidate for the ministry in the URCNA.  Before dinner, classis finished with a few items of business including electing Rev. Tom Morrison to be our alternate representative on the URCNA Missions Committee.  Calvary URC in Loveland, CO is designated to be the Convening Consistory for the March 15-16, 2016 meeting of classis SWUS, although the actual location is yet to be determined. 


Despite fifteen long hours of examinations and a few more hours of business, the delegates of classis, the examinees, and the wonderful hosts rejoiced in God’s grace for sustaining us all.  It is truly a privilege to serve our Heavenly Father not only during this time together, but especially in the places that he has called us in his kingdom. 


Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Mark H. Vander Pol

Stated Clerk, Classis SWUS, URCNA