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URCNA Song Book Committee Public Page

The URCNA Psalter Hymnal Committee has established this public page as a means both to present and to solicit information within the wider Christian community, including URCNA churches and members as well as interested churches and individuals outside the Federation.


Psalm Recommendations (external website, login required)


  1. Communications to the churches
  2. Hymn Proposal, Alphabetical list of songs
    1. Hymn Proposal, Removals as of Dec. 2011
  3. Hymn Proposal, Frequently Asked Questions Δ
  4. Hymn Proposal, Table of contents
  5. Report to Synod London
  6. Report of April 2011 Meeting
  7. Report of April 2012 Meeting
  8. Report of March 2013 Meeting

Items marked Δ have been revised or updated since first appearing here.

For editorial suggestions, minor changes, etc. please send us an email addressed to vanderboom.ange@gmail.com. Questions about the musical score and notation should also be referred to us directly. It is not necessary to take up time at classis and synod meetings about such details.

Rev. Derrick Vander Meulen, Chair (Classis Southwest U.S.) 
Mr. David Buursma (Classis Central U.S.) 
Rev. Brian Cochran (Classis Western Canada) 
Rev. Christopher Folkerts (Classis Pacific Northwest) 
Rev. Randal Lankheet,(Classis Southwest Ontario) 
Mrs. Denise Marcusse (Classis Michigan) 
Mr. Joel Pearce (Classis Eastern U.S.) 
Mrs. Angeline Vanderboom, Secretary (member-at-large) 
Rev. Harry Zekveld (Classis Ontario East)


  • An updated (04/19/2011) response to recent criticism of the Committee's work may be found [here].

[Removed 06/29/2011 by request of Psalter Hymnal Committee]